Outsourced IT Services

LaScala IT provides businesses across the United States with outsourced IT services. Discover how outsourcing your IT can reduce IT costs.

Outsourced IT Department Services

Outsourced IT services can help you address the shortcomings of an internal IT department. It can ensure your organization gets expert, customized IT support that will increase your efficiency and reduce costs. Discover what outsourced IT services are and how they will help your organization excel.

Internal IT departments offer various benefits to organizations. Companies know their in-house IT support teams. They can also predict the department’s expertise and invest in them.

Despite the benefits of internal IT departments, many organizations complain about their shortcomings. For example, some companies contend with their limited expertise when undertaking new IT projects. Some say that their internal IT departments cannot meet their IT needs or help them get a competitive edge.

What do you do when the shortcomings of internal IT departments are an issue for your organization?

Many organizations appreciate that outsourcing IT can address most of the shortcomings of IT departments. Outsourcing your IT support enables your company to get customized, expert IT support that increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Clients often ask LaScala what outsourced IT services are and whether they need them. This article will help you discover what outsourcing IT entails and how it can help your organization.

Why Outsourced IT Services?

IT outsourcing is engaging an external IT provider to offer IT services. You may contact them to manage your infrastructure, run the support desk, or direct your IT support strategy.

Organizations can choose the type of IT outsourced IT services they need to succeed. They may also outsource all IT functions to one IT company or divide them among many IT companies.

Outsourced IT Department Services

Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

Outsourced IT services enable you to enjoy many benefits.

  • Control IT Costs: Outsourcing IT converts fixed IT expenses into variable costs, which helps you budget well. You will only pay for the IT services and support that you use.
  • Reduce Labor Costs: You will not have to hire and train IT employees that can disappoint you. Experts will handle your IT infrastructure, leaving you to concentrate on your core functions.
  • Deal With Professionals: IT companies’ employees have the experience, certifications, and skills that you need.
  • Enjoy Their Experience: Just because IT professionals have qualifications does not mean they have practical dealings in IT services and support. Outsourced IT services enable you to enjoy external IT companies’ experience and knowledge, as they may have been offering their services for extended periods.
  • Increase Competitiveness and Efficiency: Outsourced IT management allows you to concentrate on your core functions, enabling you to be efficient and get a competitive edge in these areas.
  • Ensure Compliance: You will comply with your industry’s regulations if you outsource IT support, as external companies are often familiar with various sectors’ laws. Their professionals often help clients have setups that help them avoid penalties, such as fines by regulatory agencies.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity: IT companies’ professionals deal with various threats that IT setups face. They can leverage these experiences to help you avoid cyberattacks and ensure business continuity.
  • Proactive IT Support: IT companies’ professionals will want to offer you some value to stay with them. They will look for IT opportunities and issues early and guide you on the right steps to take to enjoy their IT support.
  • Active Support: External IT support can be available 24/7/365. They do not take sick days or paid leave. You can reach them at any time, and they will offer the solutions or services you need.

Types of IT Outsourcing

  • You can choose offshore outsourcing: It involves delegating IT support to an IT company in a foreign country. This option may enable you to enjoy cost savings, tax reliefs, and political stability.
  • You can choose nearshore outsourcing: This involves delegating IT functions to an IT company in a neighboring country. Travel and communication may be more comfortable when working with a neighboring country’s IT firm.
  • You can choose domestic or onshore outsourcing: This option entails working with an IT firm in your country that provides on-site or remote IT support.
  • You can choose cloud computing: This option involves contracting an IT company to provide IT support over the internet, such as PaaS, SaaS, or IaaS.
  • You can choose managed services: This option involves hiring an external IT services provider to offer network management functions, such as network monitoring, IP telephony, messaging and call centers, VPNs, etc.

What IT Tasks You Can Outsource

  • Email services
  • Web hosting and development
  • Data storage
  • Software development
  • Cybersecurity functions
  • Datacenter management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Telecommunications
  • Application management or support
  • Networking and communications
  • Technical and help desk support
  • Database management and development
  • Infrastructure — software, hardware, or network — management or installation

Outsourced IT Department vs. Internal IT Support: Which Option Should You Pick?

Ultimately, you make the final decision on the right IT support setup for you.

LaScala IT recommends outsourcing your IT support. We encourage you to choose this option because it has many benefits over having an internal IT department.

How can outsourced IT services save you money? You may have started with an internal IT department, but this option may not be viable as your IT needs develop. You may need to consider entrusting your IT support.

Why? It is all about value.

Your IT expenses grow as your IT support changes. You may need more in-house IT staff to satisfy your IT needs. Do you know how much you will pay these employees?

You will pay them a basic salary of $35,000–135,000 per year. This figure does not include additional expenses, such as benefits. Can you afford to pay these amounts for all your internal IT department’s employees?

When Outsource Your IT, You Will Not Need to Pay:

  1. Employee expenses: You will not need to spend on recruiting, training, and managing your IT support personnel. You also will not need resources, such as desktops and more programs for them.
  2. Vacation, benefits, and sick leave costs: These internal IT staff’s expenses can take up more resources than IT support needs. For example, you may need to hire a new network administrator when your network admin is on vacation. This hiring, though for a short period, adds to your IT expenses. You may also pay for two workers, as the staffer may be on paid vacation. IT company’s staff will always be available at fewer costs.
  3. Ongoing training and certifications: You may need to invest in these areas to ensure compliance and keep up with changing cybersecurity risks. IT companies’ employees will have these qualifications, so you will not pay to improve their skills.

Outsourcing IT support helps you avoid these expenses while getting the IT expertise that you need to achieve your objectives.

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Advantages of Partnering with Outsourcing IT Company

By partnering with us, you will gain many advantages:

  • Responsive support that is reachable 24/7/365
  • Routine maintenance and round-the-clock monitoring to prevent problems
  • Quick resolution of your IT issues
  • Guidance and help on the innovations to invest in
  • Enjoy our third-party cybersecurity partner’s expertise in Incident Response and Forensics for managed cybersecurity

With an outsourced IT department, you will access our IT experts who have extensive tech knowledge and experience — something most organizations could never afford with internal IT support.

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